Chucks from MAPAL shine with a new brilliance

Since 1993, MAPAL has built up a broad portfolio in the area of clamping technology: from the clamping cartridge to the

application-specific hydraulic chuck. The company is now announcing an entirely new appearance for these items. In this

way not only will the complete range have a uniform appearance, additional potential with corresponding added value for

the customer has also been tapped by means of intelligent design.


Dear readers,
dear business associates,

At the moment everybody is talking about the flagging economy. It is difficult to predict how the German, export-dependent economy will fare. The trade dispute between the USA and China as well as the uncertainty related to Brexit mean that we need to batten down the hatches. However, structural changes are currently in full swing and we will spend a lot more time addressing these than with the economic gloom. A transformation is underway on the technical side in industry. An example is electric mobility that many automotive manufacturers now consider significantly more important than two years ago. We are a supplier to the automotive industry and offer complete processes. For this reason we positioned ourselves accordingly also for electric mobility early on, independent of whether purely electric drive becomes established or not. The digitalisation and networking of industry is and remains a further central topic bringing structural changes to which we are also devoting a great deal of attention. For years there has been talk about these changes and work has been undertaken on solutions. We have found that above all, one thing is important: people must be involved. And that is best achieved with small, simple steps. For this reason we developed c-Connect. We will present comprehensive solutions for these two topics – electric mobility and digitalisation – at EMO.

I look forward to welcoming you to EMO and discussing with you the topics in our sector.

Dr Jochen Kress