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Bore Machining

Bore Machining – Catalog

MAPAL offers innovative, cost-effective solutions for machining almost all materials. Today, MAPAL is continuing to write the success story related to the fine machining of bores that started with the “first reamer” in 1954. Thanks to decades of experiences as well as continuous further development and optimisation of the tool solutions, along with tailor-made custom solutions, today MAPAL offers a broad standard programme of tools for bore machining in solid carbide and indexable inserts.

Drilling, Reaming and Fine Boring are the most common methods for fine machining bores and impress with the most precise results. The manufacture of the tools is based on the same precision as MAPAL tools provide in practice. MAPAL offers a suitable solution to suit the complexity of the machining operation and the requirements on precision and surface finish: Solid carbide drills, single and twinbladed reamer reamers, fine boring tools with guide pads and WP or HX indexable inserts stand for the highest precision.

The programme also includes multi-bladed reamers: replaceable head reamers combined with high-accuracy clamping systems, monoblock reamers made of carbide, cermet or HSS as well as systems for machining large diameters.

Die and Mould Tools

Die and Mould – Catalog

Die and mould makers expect high process and product expertise from their cutting tools manufacturer. This is because the tool life of the moulds to be created and the precision of the moulded parts are extremely important for competitiveness in mass production. Therefore, they require their tools to offer the highest levels of precision, a long tool life, and – above all – process reliability.

It is precisely these aspects that make MAPAL successful in sectors such as the automotive industry, machine engineering and the aerospace industry. Now the precision tool manufacturer is also offering efficient and economical solutions for the complete machining process in the die & mould sector. Versatile and precise high-performance tools and special tool holders with narrow contours and a precise radial run-out minimise polishing effort and reworking thanks to a constant surface finish in the milling process.

Milling Catalog

In the area of milling, MAPAL tool experts have developed numerous machining solutions in recent years. The focus has been on tools adapted to the related customer requirements. Along with these individual tool solutions, however, the usage of high-performance standard tools plays a major role in many applications. Therefore a comprehensive standard programme has evolved from these custom tools.

Milling – Catalog

Supplementary Volume 2018 – Catalog

Supplementary Volume 2019 — Catalog

Clamping Catalog

On using tools, their connection to the machine spindle, and therefore the clamping technology, plays a central role that is often undervalued.

On fine machining parts, very good results can be achieved with the highest radial run-out accuracies. The effect is very significant even on drilling or milling, as lower radial variations have a positive effect on tool lives.

Clamping – Catalog

Supplementary Volume 2018 – Catalog

Supplementary Volume 2019 — Catalog

Actuating Catalog

Actuating tools stand for maximum rationalisation and optimisation potential in machining. For this reason, and to address the requirements for complete tool ranges, innovative actuating tools, boring bars and facing heads have formed part of the MAPAL portfolio since the 1990s. Whether for special machines or for complete machining on flexible machining centres – if the issue is to machine complex contours, non-cylindrical bores, face surfaces or recesses on cubic parts, MAPAL offers the optimal tool.

Actuating – Catalog

Supplementary Volume 2018 – Catalog

Supplementary Volume 2019 — Catalog

Setting | Measuring | Dispensing Catalog

MAPAL is the recognised specialist for fine boring using adjustable tools. The exact setting and measurement of these tools is a prerequisite for high part quality. The lack of suitable equipment for setting tools with guide pads led MAPAL to become involved in the development and manufacture of mechanical and electronic setting fixtures over 30 years ago. MAPAL always places very high value on meeting the tightest of tolerances of < 2 μm and on the extraordinary precision and longevity of the devices.

Setting | Measuring | Dispensing – Catalog

Supplementary Volume 2018 – Catalog

Supplementary Volume 2019 — Catalog

Services Catalog

In the metal-machining industry, the focus is on process costs. Anybody who wants to control them must understand all processes. Here it is good if businesses can rely on a technology partner who offers comprehensive support from planning to the series production process.

MAPAL’s roots lie in the manufacture of custom tools. For this reason we have always focussed on holistic advice and support for machining tasks and processes.

We support you in all phases and all areas of production with our services. Irrespective of whether you are setting up a new production facility, optimising your processes, introducing new technologies, re-tooling your machines for new parts, optimising your tool inventory, or want to expand the know-how of your employees.

Services – Catalog

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Trusted Partnership

MAPAL join hands with EMUGE and HOUGHTON to have a strong presence in Australia to cater for all machining needs.

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