Design Prize for MAPAL Clamping Tools

MAPAL’s clamping tools meet all the hallmarks of good industrial and product design. What’s more, they have now been recognised with one of the world’s most respected design prizes: the iF DESIGN AWARD. It is the oldest independent design award and has been presented in recognition of exceptional achievements in product design since 1953. The design competition is organised by the Hannover- based iF Industrie Forum Design association. In January, an independent jury of experts evaluated approximately 7,300 submissions from 56 countries. MAPAL’s clamping tools were among the winners. The design agency Ottenwälder & Ottenwälder from Schwäbisch Gmünd developed the new design concept alongside MAPAL’s product managers. Their aim was to give the entire range of clamping tools a unified appearance. Designers followed the stipulation to achieve maximum stability with an optimal use of resources. MAPAL’s new clamping tools are characterised by flowing, bionic shapes and polished surfaces. New control elements and characteristic features impart a distinctive corporate design. The new look not only improves the appearance and recognisability of the products. The clamping tools also satisfy environmental and economical requirements, as they feature increased corrosion resistance and can be manufactured using fewer resources


Dear readers,
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I hope that you and your families are doing well. In the face of all the uncertainties caused by the global pandemic, staying healthy remains the number one priority. Over the past weeks and months, many aspects of our daily lives have changed suddenly and significantly. What’s more, we can expect these changes to persist even after the pandemic has passed. The same goes for our relationship with you. Direct communication, close relationships and cooperative partnerships are an important part of the way MAPAL conducts its business. An important component of that way of working, i.e. our on-site presence, is currently impossible or extremely difficult to implement. While we are increasingly relying on digital communication and video conferencing, these tools can’t replace face-to-face contact. That means we now face the challenge of finding new channels and formats that will allow us to remain as close in contact with you as we have ever been. Of course, the coronavirus pandemic will not last forever. However, it’s clear that by the time we reach a “post-corona” season, our routines will have changed quite a bit. Digital communication has increased significantly. The question of what our communications and contact with one another will look like in the future remains to be answered. After so long without any kind of exhibitions taking place, will trade fairs be as important as they have been in the past? Might they even become more important than they were? What will happen to conferences and in-house events? And what will our travel behaviour look like? We are all asking ourselves these questions(and many more!) at the moment. The situation we are experiencing around the world is completely unprecedented. At MAPAL, we hope that you will join us in taking it step by step back towards normality.

I look forward to seeing you again in person.

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Dr Jochen Kress