Speeding up tool development at MAPAL with the ZEISS PRISMO ultra

These days, the employees from the development department at MAPAL Dr. Kress KG generally know within an hour if new tools will offer the level of precision their customers require. Instead of having to wait days for a service provider to deliver the measurement results, the company started performing on-site measurements at the beginning of 2018. With the high-precision coordinate measuring machine ZEISS PRISMO ultra, MAPAL inspects the workpieces machined with the new tools it manufactures. The time saved on measurements helps this global company develop innovative tool solutions even more quickly for trends that will play such a pivotal role in the future like eMobility.


Dear readers,
dear business associates,

We are living in interesting times. Our business is feeling the effects of factors such as the uncertainty surrounding Brexit and persistent barriers to trade, and I am sure that things are no different for you. In spite of that, we are cautiously optimistic for the future. Our growth of almost 5% in 2018 shows that this optimism is justified. Consolidated Group turnover climbed from €610 million in 2017 to €640 million in 2018. MAPAL currently has more than 5,500 employees worldwide, with over 3,600 in Germany. We have confidence in our capacity for innovation and our flexibility, which are based on our employees’ skills and expertise. To ensure that we can maintain our track record of success, we have made substantial investments in the locations in the past year and will continue to do so. In Asia, we founded a new joint venture in Vietnam and acquired the majority stake in ADICO, a manufacturer of PCD and PcBN round blanks. We are building up our operations in America as well so that we can respond more quickly to your needs in the region. We have expanded our location in Fountain Inn, South Carolina. A completely new plant was also opened in Mexico in February 2019. In Germany, capacity at the Centre of Competence for solid carbide tools in Altenstadt is currently being increased with a new production hall. In addition to new buildings and expansions, there are continuous investments in new machinery all around the world in order to maintain the highest level of quality and productivity. We will continue to work together to do everything we can to offer you the best possible tools, solutions and services.

Dr Jochen Kress