“We want to be close to our
customers, to be and remain
in dialogue with them. Find
and form a team which will
feel permanently committed
to this idea at all levels
of the company.”

— Dr. Dieter Kress
Chairman & Managing Director

High Speed Cutting and High Performance Cutting

MAPAL offers high speed cutting tools in the form of fine boring tools, face milling cutters or circular milling tools.  Extremely light tools design, precise balance, a high rate of metal removal and specifically designed coolant supply systems ensure both a high degree of reliability and machining quality.  HSC tools with soldered diamond or CBN blades produce extremely good tool life results (several tens of thousands to hundreds of thousands of parts) at cutting speeds of up to 8,000 m/min.  There are also other aspects for high performance, such as increasing the feed rates, reducing the time taken for tool change and machining stages, which are equally important.  MAPAL has also developed progressive solutions in this area.

Precision Tools
Reamers, precision boring tools and gun boring tools from the MAPAL System with all the advantages of adjustable blades and with two or more guide pads on the cutter head.  Exact guiding of the tool in the bore allows complete machining of contours.  Excellent boring quality and constantly high tool life are further advantages of the MAPAL System.


PCD Tools
Precision gun boring tools of the highest quality, equipped exclusively with modern cutting materials such as PCD and PCB. Simple design and extremely quick setting are special features of the MAPAL milling head system. Particularly suitable for use with HSC.


HSK Clamping System
The MAPAL KS Clamping System allows the advantages of the hollow taper shank to be fully utilised for manual tool clamping. MAPAL can supply a complete program of adaptors and clamping devices.


Setting Devices
Setting of tools away from the machine to the exact production dimension requires high-precision setting equipment. MAPAL offers a high-precision and user friendly solution.

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